Thames Conservancy Act 1932 (-)
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This document is for private study purposes only. It is likely not to reflect the law as it stands today. It may be incomplete, and some provisions are likely to have been repealed or amended, and new ones inserted.


    (1) The Conservators may from time to time for a fair and reasonable consideration (such consideration to be either a sum in gross or an annual rent or partly a sum in gross and partly an annual rent and so far as a sum in gross to be paid at the time of granting the licence) and upon such terms and subject to such restrictions as they think proper grant to any owner or occupier of any land adjoining the Thames a licence for all or any of the following purposes (namely):

      (a) For the making of any dock basin pier jetty wharf bank quay or embankment wall or other work immediately in front of his land and into the body of the Thames;

      (b) For the formation of such recesses docks or beds for boats and barges and swarf wharfing and for the driving of such piles and for such stone pitching and other works as the Conservators deem necessary or proper for the convenient use protection and improvement of his land and the placing and mooring of vessels in such line and at such levels as appear to the Conservators necessary or proper for the trade and convenient enjoyment of his land without injurious interference with the navigation or its future improvement;

      (c) For the erection at the places where the piers or landing-places by this Act authorised to be erected are to be erected of piers or landing-places in such positions and of such form and construction as the Conservators shall consider most advantageous to the public and as causing the least obstruction to the navigation and for the driving of piles and the formation of dwarf wharfing ways and other conveniences to his land.


    (1) No person shall without a licence . . .

      (a) make or form any recess dock bed for boats or barges basin pier jetty landing-place wharf bank swarf wharfing way quay or embankment wall or other work or drive any piles or do any stone pitching in or upon the bed or shores of the Thames


    (1) The Conservators may if they think fit by giving seven days' notice in writing to the owner of any work which after the first day of August one thousand nine hundred and twenty-four may have been or which after the commencement of this Act may be commenced or executed upon the bed or shores of the Thames and which they may not have licensed under the powers conferred by the enactments repealed by this Act or by this Act require any such work to be removed.

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