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Rent Act 1977 (-)
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This document is for private study purposes only. It is likely not to reflect the law as it stands today. It may be incomplete, and some provisions are likely to have been repealed or amended, and new ones inserted.


    (1) So long as he retains possession, a statutory tenant shall observe and be entitled to the benefit of all the terms and conditions of the original contract of tenancy, so far as they are consistent with the provisions of this Act.


    (1) Except where this Act otherwise provides, the rateable value on any day of a dwelling house shall be ascertained for the purposes of this Act as follows:-

      (a) If the dwelling house is a hereditament for which a rateable value is then shown in the valuation list, it shall be that rateable value;

      (b) If the dwelling house forms part only of such a hereditament or consists of or forms part of more than one such hereditament, its rateable value shall be taken to be such value as is found by a proper apportionment or aggregation of the rateable value or values so shown.

    (2) Any question arising under this section as to the proper apportionment or aggregation of any value or values shall be determined by the county court and the decision of the county court shall be final.


    (4) Where, after the date which is the appropriate day in relation to any dwelling-house, the valuation list is altered so as to vary the rateable value of the hereditament of which the dwelling-house consists or forms part and the alteration has effect from a date not later than the appropriate day, the rateable value of the dwelling-house on the appropriate day shall be ascertained as if the value shown in the valuation list on the appropriate day had been the value shown in the list as altered.


    (1) Subject to this Part of this Act, a court shall not make an order for possession of a dwelling house which is for the time being subject to a statutory tenancy unless the court considers it reasonable to make such an order and

      (a) the court is satisfied that suitable alternative accommodation is available for the tenant or will be available for him when the order in question takes effect, or

      (b) the circumstances are as specified in any of the Cases in Part I of Schedule 15 to this Act.


Schedule 1


    (1) The surviving spouse (if any) of the original tenant, if residing in the dwelling-house immediately before the death of the original tenant, shall after the death be the statutory tenant if and so long as he or she occupies the dwelling-house as his or her residence.

    (2) For the purposes of this paragraph, a person who was living with the original tenant as his or her wife or husband shall be treated as the spouse of the original tenant.


    (1) Where paragraph 2 above does not apply, but a person who was a member of the original tenant's family was residing with him in the dwelling-house at the time of and for the period of 2 years immediately before his death then, after his death, that person or if there is more than one such person such one of them as may be decided by agreement, or in default of agreement by the county court, shall be entitled to an assured tenancy of the dwelling-house by succession.

Schedule 15

    Case 1

    Where any rent lawfully due from the tenant has not been paid, or any obligation of the…statutory tenancy which arises under this Act, or…any other obligation of the previous protected tenancy which is applicable to the statutory tenancy, has been broken or not performed.

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