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Places We Sign

When we talk of digital signatures, and of what we want and what we do not want, we have to recognise that already we have a very wide range of actions and events which are called ‘signing’

It was estimated by the Society for Computers and Law that there might be tens of thousands of statutes and statutory instruments, which, on their face, and in one way or another, will require some act to be done, if at all, by means of a paper document.

How long will the signature have to last – could a law help any specifying a length of time for which a signature was deemed valid ? Will a signature last for 50 years against increases in power of technology.

An interesting question has arisen now where some documents, possibly of significant value, will have been signed or encrypted using the best current encryption technology

Credit cards

Sometimes signed sometimes not

Sometimes Pin no

Sometimes barely inspected signature

Governed by statute Consumer Credit Act and contract, ad banking law


Ordinary contracts – fax signature – implied promise to send original

Land Contracts

Land Transfers – requirement for witness (do witnesses sign)


Copyright assignments – writing and signed

Consumer credit – signature boxes

How long must it last

Difference between authorisation of a withdrawal and signature


Witness statements - statements of truth.

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