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Company Law
  • August 2005
    • From September 15 2005, a deed executed by a comany must say in words that it is 'executed as a deed'. This has been good practice for several years now, but was only an alternative to the affixing of the company seal. As the company seal has fallen by the way-side, and as the Land Registry look forward to a completely electronic age, the company seal is being quietly dumped. The use of the seal is not forbidden, it merely adds nothing. See: The Regulatory Reform (Execution of Deeds and Documents) Order 2005.
  • April 2001 We are about to see the introduction of Limited Liability Partnerships. These may prove very attractive to businesses of many different kinds. Until now, a business had a stark choice of publicising its accounts, or accepting open ended liability in its business dealings.

    There have been some publicly voiced doubts about just how attractive they will prove. We can only wait and see.

    For the moment if you consider this kind of business model may be attractive, please ring David Swarbrick.

  • March 2001 Companies House are properly keen to be seen to adopt new technology. That is welcome. As part of the process, they decided to insist that all new notifications of change of registered office, and of company directors must use postcodes. In addition, they then sought to use the Royal Mail's postcode file. In theory, and by promise, this is a full list of postcodes. Companies House made an optimistic, but sensible decision to reject all postcodes, and forms, which were rejected by the Royal Mail's list.

    You know what's coming don't you

    Yes. The software rejected such a large proportion of perfectly proper postcodes as to make the entire process a nonsense. Substantial delays and extra expense came to be involved as more and more papers were returned, checked, re-submitted and accepted. The Royal Mail system does not, it seems, work.

    Mercifully for all concerned, Companies House have now decided to abandon the system, and revert to simple reliance upon the forms they receive.

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