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Police - Bailed To Return
I've been 473'd

You have been bailed (47 3'd) to return to the police station. The circumstances of cases vary greatly, and we will discuss your case in particular, but there are certain general elements which you should know.

Make sure we know the date and time when you must return to the police station, and if possible the names and uniform numbers, of the police officers involved, and where they are based.

You may receive a letter from the police, saying that you need not return on that date. Unless you receive such a letter, you must attend at the police station at the time stated. If you do not do so you will be arrested, and have a much reduced chance of being granted bail again either by the police or by a court.

If you have to return to the police station one of three things will happen.

  1. You will either be told that the investigation has been dropped and you will be sent home.
  2. You will be charged, and
  3. You will be interviewed again.

If the police do want to interview you again, you should always have a solicitor present with you.

If we do not make an arrangement to attend anyway, take our card with you to the police station. If the officers say that you are to be interviewed, ask them to ring us to arrange our attendance. There will be no difficulty in this, and there will not usually be any great delay.

Such appointments are, in our terms, provisional, and there will be times when we are unable to attend. If this is the case, we would either arrange for an agent, or recommend you to the duty solicitor at the time.

Last, whilst work at the police station is paid for by legal aid, any work which we do for you between times has to be charged for. You must be careful to use us sensibly, and we have information about our charging rates available on request. We will, in nearly all cases, require payment a sum on account of costs. It is possible also that we can provide advice and assistance under another legal aid scheme. Please ask about this.

You must attend the police station unless you are told otherwise, and we will not attend at the police station unless, and until, we specifically confirm that we will attend. We are happy to attend if you are to be interviewed.

Sometimes we can settle what is to happen at the police station before you return, but often decisions are not made by the officers until the very last moment.

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