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FAQ - Criminal Law
Frequently Asked Questions on Criminal Law
Some frequently asked questions for Criminal Law:
How can I get records of a person's trial?
They need my consent to clamp my car, do they need it to tow it away?

Q: How can I get records of a person's trial?
A: Conviction records are not easily available. If you show a proper reason for wanting to know, courts may be willing and able to tell you. This may only apply for a short time after someone has been convicted. Local newspaper reports are the most accessible.

Transcripts - records of the evidence are usually simply not available. In the crown court, shorthand or other notes are taken, but it can cost many thousands of pounds to get a transcript of a trial of any length, and even then you may find yourself unable to get a transcript without good reason.

Q: They need my consent to clamp my car, do they need it to tow it away? Vine v Waltham Forest London Borough Council says I must consent before they can wheelclamping may car. How does this apply to the removal of illegally parked vehicles on the Public Highway? (Assuming no obstruction)
A: Consent is required to be proved in Vine because although the act was by a local authority, it was in the nature of a private action.

Removal of vehicles from a public highway will be carried out under a statutory authority - and therefore no consent is required either explicit or implicit.

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