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Police Station Interview

We attach a copy of the summary of your interview at the police station. Read it carefully.

Interviews are often lengthy, and the summary provides edited highlights only. The summaries are short and to the point - to the policeman's point, that is. The purpose of his summary is to demonstrate your guilt. Police officers may not include things you said, which you think are either very relevant, or helpful to you. The summaries are usually, but not quite always, accurate, so far as they go. Did you use the words. you are said to have used?

It is likely that you said other things on the tape, which you think may be of assistance but which are not shown in the summary. We need to know. What can we do about it? If you asked us to be there in the interview, we will have brief notes of what was said. These are reliable, but limited.

We read the summary weeks after the interview, when memories are less clear. We can obtain a copy of the working tape, and can listen to it, to see if there is anything ought to be included in the summary. We can transcribe the tape in full, so that everyone has an opportunity to see just precisely what was said. If there is something, we would try to get it agreed by the prosecution, and if it comes to it, then eventually the tape can be played in court. This might be necessary, if, for example, the tone used was overbearing or bullying.

In rare cases, you, or we, may believe that the copy of the tape supplied to us has been interfered with. If we had very good reason to think this had been done, then an application can be made to a Crown Court judge, for the tape designated by you as the master tape at the end of the interview, to be unsealed and played for verification.

For the moment, read the summary. Take the time to think about the interview, and let us know, as quickly as you can, if the tape is either inaccurate, or misses out some point, you wish to have made on your behalf at court. Do not leave it too long. It can take weeks to obtain a tape, and then there is a fair bit of work to be done to transcribe it.

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