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Warned List

The case in which you are involved has been listed in what is known as the 'Warned List'. The time of this listing, and where you should attend will be told to you separately, but if you have any questions, you must contact us immediately.

The listing applies for one week from the date notified to you, and means that the case may be called into court to be heard at very short notice. In practice, we may only hear at 4:30pm on one day, that the case is to be heard at 10:00am the following morning.

Being included in this list does not mean that the case will be heard, but if the case is not called on during the week, then it will probably stay in the same list for the week after (sometimes skipping a week). The case becomes more and more likely to be brought on each time it is listed.

It is vital that we are able to contact you quickly whilst the case is listed in this way. Make sure we have your telephone number. If you do not have a telephone, try to find someone reliable we can ring to let you know. If not, we strongly suggest that you telephone us each day just before 5:00pm to check whether or not you are required at court the following day.

If we hear from the court, but are unable to speak to you direct, we may write to you on the evening, but if you go out in the morning before the post arrives, please, again try to check with us.

If for any reason you may be unable to attend during the week, or in any of the next few weeks, then you must let us know immediately.

We know that such listings are a great inconvenience to clients, and we do not like them either, but we each of us have to comply with the court's requirements.

We also remind you that if you are on bail, failure to surrender to bail can be a further and separate offence. You must attend at court.

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