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Proving Identity

We must in almost every matter, and whether acting for a seller or for a buyer, obtain and record positive identification of our client. Money laundering regulations now simply require this

You must produce to us in person:-

List A List B
One of .... or Two of ...
  • a valid full passport; or
  • a valid H M Forces identity card with the signatory's photograph; or
  • a cheque guarantee card, credit card (bearing the Mastercard or Visa Logo) American Express or Diners Club card, debit or multi-function card (bearing the Switch or Delta logo) issued in the United Kingdom with an original account statement less than three months old; or
  • a firearm and shot gun certificate; or
  • a receipted utility bill less than three months old; or
  • a council tax bill less than three months old; or
  • a council rent book showing the rent paid for the last three months; or
  • a mortgage statement from another lender for the mortgage accounting year just ended; or
  • any other document approved by your own lender.
We will have available from your lender a list of documents which are also acceptable to them.

We do have some limited discretion, if you are unable to produce such documents, and if you do have difficulty, you should contact us to decide what might be available and acceptable.

We will need to check that any document which you use to verify your identity appears original, authentic, current, and correctly signed. We will keep a copy, and check your signature on the ID document against your signature on any document you sign and also that the address is correct.

Where we act for you at a distance, and we do not meet, then arrangements will have to be made to see a solicitor local to you. You will have to produce these documents to him, and we will ask him to carry out this task on our behalf, and report and provide the details to us. He will no doubt make a charge for this work, and you will have to bear it. It will vary according to the solicitor chosen.

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