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Conveyancing On-Line

I have been committed to the use of computers since I opened my original practice in 1985, to the use of electronic communications since the eighties, and the use of Internet since 1992/3. We are residents on the Internet, not visitors.

We are happy to receive instructions on-line to act in conveyancing matters. Our charges are competitive, and you will find us approachable, effective, and legally accurate.

Our web site will move more and more toward the provision of services over the Internet. We have provided information, and trust you find the site very useful (please take the time to look around).

We invite instructions. If you are buying or selling property in England or Wales, we want to act for you.

Having said all that, computers are not everything, and conveyancing is not all paper shuffling. We hope that clients have always found us approachable, friendly, effective, and competent.

Working with clients at a distance does create one or two additional problems, but they are reduced by protocols which now mean that all conveyancing clients, whether we meet them or not, must go through a procedure of establishing their identity. This applies not just to our firm, but any other also.

We are keen to receive feedback on just what we might do to assist in this process.

The Land Registry have now published a consultation paper on electronic conveyancing. It is at I have to say that as time has moved on many of the problems surrounding conveyancing at a distance have been resolved, but some have proved quite intractable. In particular, no workable system for electronic signatures has been found. I personally doubt that one ever will be. If we do get a system it will be a bodge which is prefered only to admitting that ministers could not solve the problem.
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