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Pre-Registration Title Deeds

We have recently completed a purchase of property on your behalf, and confirmed to you that the Land Registry have registered you as the owner subject to the mortgage in favour of your lender.

Some years ago, now the Land Registry changed its practice so that all land titles are held electronically. In theory, and substantially also in practice, the electronic records at the Land Registry have replaced the physical deeds as evidence of title. They do not retain your deeds, and nor will your lender (with minimal exceptions).

We will be left with a bundle of deeds, known commonly as 'pre-registration' deeds. Though of generally of less importance, they can be very informative and helpful when you come to sell the house. We have such a packet of documents following your purchase, and ask you to decide what you want us to do.

  • You may call and collect these deeds if you wish at any time. Simply give us a day's notice, or
  • We are happy to store them for you within our own facilities. If you do not reply then we will assume that this is what you want us to do. We do not presently make a charge for this service, and we do not expect to. If this changes, you will be given opportunity to remove the files before any charge comes into effect.

Please, above all, remember that you will need these documents when you come to sell. Make a note of where they are and do not forget.

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