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Signing Deeds

We are sending you a deed for you to sign. This may be convenient, but we are always prefer clients to call in at our offices to sign a document. If you wish to do so, make an appointment, and call in with the document. If you live too far away, we can always arrange for you to see someone local for this purpose, but they would no doubt make a charge which you would have to pay.

Make sure you understand the document, and are happy with its contents. If you have any doubts, you must contact us to discuss it. If you see a mistake, do not make an alteration, but speak to us first.

Do not date the document. Return it to us so that the date can be filled in as agreed with any other parties.

Sign in the place indicated. Our documents will usually print your name under the line on which you sign. For documents prepared by others, the place will be shown normally by your initials in pencil. Use your normal signature. You do not need to write your full name, just sign in the way you might, for example, sign a cheque.

WitnessingWhere the document shows that a witness is required to sign, that witness must see you sign. He or she need not know the precise contents of the document. The witness should be an adult, and someone who is not themselves a party to, or mentioned in, the document. It is better, but not essential, to avoid having a member of your family witness your signature. The witness should then normally write out their name (they do not sign), address and if shown their occupation.

If the document needs to be witnessed do not sign it and return it to us to be witnessed. We cannot do so, but will have to return it to you for re-execution.

If there is a plan, you should sign the plan also - but only also after making quite sure that it seems correct to you. Your knowledge of the layout will be usually better than ours. Do not assume the plan is correct. The witness does not need to sign the plan.

Do not attach anything to the deed by for example a staple or pin.

Return it to us, and not to anybody else. Even if you know the other party, unless we say otherwise, you need to return the document to us.

Please return the deed as soon as possible. Often it may have many miles to travel before it has been signed by all the parties, and the time available may be short.

These instructions do NOT relate to the signing of wills. Please, in case of any doubt, come back to us.

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