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Data Protection
Some Questions about Data Protection:

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  • Books
    • Blackstone's Guide to the Data Protection Act 1998 - Peter Carey, Blackstone, ISBN 1854318667
    • Data Protection for Voluntary Organisations, Directory of Social Change, ISBN 1 900360 47 0
    • The Data Protection Act 1998 Explained, Mullock & Leigh-Pollitt, Stationery Office Points of Law series
    • Data Protection: Law and Practice, Rosemary Jay and Angus Hamilton, ISBN 075200 6231
    • Data Protection in the Education Sector, A guide for good practice, ISBN 0 9535092 0 6
    • JISC Data Protection Code of Practice for the HE and FE Sectors, Information Law & Technology Unit, University of Hull Law School, available from
    • DISC PD 0012-1:2000 - Data Protection - Guide to the Practical Implementation of the Data Protection Act 1998 - 2nd edition -ISBN-0-580-33171-7

    • Also recommended: The relevant chapters in the following books:
      • "Internet Ethics" Duncan Langford published by Macmillan - Appendix 2:
      • "Internet use and the DPA 1998"
      • "Introduction to Computer Law" - David Bainbridge published by Longman - part 4, chapter 30 " Introduction and background to DPA1998"
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