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Elements of a web site

  1. Know why you are doing this, and remember it.
  2. Who is the audience you want, and how will you know if an when you are getting that audience?
  3. Keep a balance between commercial input, creativity and technical wizardry
  4. Keep the navigation clear always have a way home can your visitors find what they want to find? Can you provide a site map or search.
  5. Make sure it does more than operate simply as your brochure. Many sites where the visual appeal is clear and professional, the content is short. This says everything about the firm's ability and readiness to pay for a good site developer, but not much about the company
  6. Keep it refreshed. There is a continuing overhead in maintaining a site. For discipline, put dates on all pages how old are they?
  7. How can you best adapt your brand to work on-line. Do not let the paperwork ditve what is a fundamentally different medium.
  8. Use newest technology only if it helps. Many 'flash pages' take so long to download, that yuou simply walk away.
  9. Test with all browsers and old ones and at different desktop settings. This is my real failing. I keep to frames and tables - avoiding dynamic html.
    1. Macs show PC text at very small sizes.
    2. IE3 does not support cascading style sheets
  10. WYSYWIG editors easy to use to begin with, but become impossible to use once you have to maintain a site
  11. Keep it moving
  12. Links to external pages. Should you open new frame or not? Some say no, some yes to avoid confusion about the site. It all depends
  • How will a frame look if extracted and cached - design - every page must take you back to the home page. You may also consider the use of meta tags to stop your page being cached, and particularly so if your pages are updated frequently, or are otherwise time sensitive.
  • Do not believe anyone who tries to sum it all up in 10 steps.
  • Important: Please note that our law-bytes are retained for archival purposes only. The law changes, and these notes are often, now, out of date. You must take direct advice on your own personal situation and the law as it currently stands.
    All information on this site is in general and summary form only. The content of any page on this site may be out of date and or incomplete, and you should not not rely directly upon it. Take direct professional legal advice which reflects your own particular situation.
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