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BPI won't call in the Cops on Your MP3

June 2006

The BPI, the institute who represent most of the British Music Industry were called in to give evidence before a Parliamentary committee. They have said (graciously?) that they will not be taking action against those of us including me, who buy a CD only to create a copy on my mp3 player.

I rarely listen to anything on a CD player, I listen to the MP3 for several hours a week. I shall also now sleep easily.

This sounds like generosity. As such it is unexpected. Why?

First, you can only spit in your customers' faces for so long. The industry knows that the Mp3 writing is on the wall. They have tried threatening, they have tried suing thirteen year olds and their parents, and have generally bullied their way about as they can.

They have bleated ridiculously about needing money to invest elsewhere (mostly in quite pleasant lunches in expensive restaurants). Nobody believes them. They are about as convincing as Mr Brown when he proclaims his desire to make life simpler for taxpayers.

Eventually, the answer is that the right under which they would have sued is one enjoyed peculiarly and particularly in the UK alone. Elsewhere, people have the right to do this in any event.

Still, it must be welcomed (tum te tum te tum te tum).

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