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Intellectual Property Law Links

We have no responsibility for the accuracy of information contained in pages to which we link. It would be most helpful for visitors to report any broken links to us, mentioning if possible the page from which the link is made. You can use this link for this purpose.

Here are some IP law links:

Link Description
Intellectual Property Cases - law-index entries
NIPC Chambers - Intellectual Property law update. This a truly excellent weblog and resource for IP/IT law.
Outlaw - Copyright Basics
UK Patent Office
European Patent Office
Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1/3
Copyright Designs and Patents Act 2/3
Copyright Designs and Patents Act 3/3
a href="../acts/1992CopyrightCompPrgmsRegulations.html"> The Copyright (Computer Programs) Regulations 1992
Statute of Anne 1710 (but passed in 1709) The original copyright act.
The Registered Designs Legislation, including rules, from David Musker
Circular 92, the April 2000 edition of the Copyright Law of the United States of America
Performing Rights Society
European Commission Intellectual Property Rights Help desk
US PTO website Guide for Filing A Design Application
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organisation
Deutsches Patentamt (German Patent Office) website
A web directory of intellectual property law websites that are international in scope or country specific and include sites to intellectual property resources as well as sites specific to patents, trademarks or copyright.
International Trade marks Association website
Copyright Clearance for Reproduction of Statutes
David Musker (of Jenkins-IP) has provided full texts of the UK registered Designs legislation A Us site with an IP newsletter
A description of some of the more rediculous software patents issued by the European Patents Office
IP Guide - a brief government guide.
A brief history of copyright.
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