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  • 22 June 2001

    I have decided to make some parts of the law-index available a a paid for service. Just how and when remains to be seen, but soon. I would appreciate some feedback on this. See here

  • 16 June 2001

    The Court service have done you, and me what seems a dis-service. They moved all their cases to a new server, and all have new URL's. I suspected that this might happen, and accordingly had not taken too much trouble to put them on the database. The immediate consequence is that many of the links we had created to cases, have become broken. I am not sure if I should apologise, but if it is a disappointment, then I do. I trust that, having moved once, they will not move again. However, the way it is done still 'suggests' that a future additional move may be necessary.

    It is not all bad. They have simplified the overall tructure, so that it is a little easier to extract the URL's automatically. (I emphasise that I have their consent for this).

  • April 2001

    I have done much to improve the law-index recently. The biggest jump forward had been the introduction of links to the full text of cases. This will be a lot of work to get right. As it stands we have some 426 links set up. I have 22,000 links available (yet to be matched) It will be a lot of work. I have been surprised and disappointed at just how variable the standards are in naming cases. Still

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