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June 2001

I now know how to increase substantially the useability of the law-index. You will understand that it already occupies too much time as a gift. The case has always been whether I could make the law-index good enough to justify charging for it. I now can.

The intention is to deliver a single web page which can be installed on a user's desktop. A click on the icon will bring up the complete law-index as a straightforward single (if huge) page. A user can then simply use his browser to search for whatever he wants.

The index will be extended in several ways.

  1. I intend to provide links to every case published on
    1. The Court Service Site
    2. Bailli
    3. The House of Lords
    4. The Privy Council
  2. Cases on those site will be summarised whether or not they also appear in the Times.

Links and indexes for the Times and the Law Society Gazette will continue as they are.

The result will be a complete (as ait can be) index to all cases available in full and for free on the Internet.

How Much?

I have to keep it simple. I do not wish to get involved in credit card transactions, at least unless and until the number justify it. I would prefer to sell ten copies at £25.00 than one at £250. I may also be able to support the process with advertising and or sponsorship.

I am looking for feedback. Any suggestions? (just click one of the 'ask David' or 'feedback' buttons.

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