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Your Statement

This note deals with how you should look at and edit a statement. You will receive a statement and a copy. Please sign and date return one copy to us. Make sure you know always where the other is.

Stick to the truth; be objective, and keep it simple. However close the cause is to your heart or wallet, when making a statement you are a witness. Your task is merely to relate facts as you know them and without colouring. If some fact seems unhelpful, include it still in the statement. It will be better for us to deal with it direct than to leave the other side to bring it up. Leave it to us to judge what is helpful and what is not.

The statement uses your words as far as we can, but is bound to reflect our understanding as well as yours. Make sure that you are entirely happy and comfortable with the words used.

Feel quite free to add to the statement as you wish, to alter it or strike things out. It is not in any sense a test. We are trying to put on paper the picture you have of the events. Only you can see that picture, nobody else. Write down EVERYTHING. However obvious it is to you, it will not be to others. Write down even the smallest detail. Details in particular are helpful in getting your picture into someone else's mind, and they often suggest further points which may be worth investigation.

Please add to the statement later, as you remember things. This is bound to happen even in the simplest of cases. Perhaps you should re-read the statement at regular intervals. Any hearing may be many months away. What is clear to you now may be quite unclear as time passes on.

Where you are unclear about any part of what happened, say so. Nobody expects you to remember everything. Remembering dates can be helped if you consider whether the events took place before or after other events whose dates you can identify.

If you remember anything which seems significant, please tell us.

If you move, also please make sure you let us know where you are. Also if you book any holiday, it is important, if possible to check with us the dates.

Important: Please note that our law-bytes are retained for archival purposes only. The law changes, and these notes are often, now, out of date. You must take direct advice on your own personal situation and the law as it currently stands.
All information on this site is in general and summary form only. The content of any page on this site may be out of date and or incomplete, and you should not not rely directly upon it. Take direct professional legal advice which reflects your own particular situation.
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