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Where we fit into the pantheon of search engines will always be changing. Nevertheless, the success of our site will always be measured by, amongst other things, our place in search engines.

Unfortunately, whilst the name Swarbrick isn't exactly as common as muck, there are several rather more famous Swarbricks than me, particularly one Dave Swarbrick, fiddle player. Searches for variants of 'swarb' will therefore turn up many other things.

Here are our placings on search engines as reported to us.

  • March 2001 - third on Google for Judicial Review
  • January 2001 First Google for Environmental Searches
  • October 2000 First on MSN
  • September 2000. Fifth on Excite searching for 'Company Law' (CC)
  • September 2000. First on Lycos searching for 'case law' (JTM) September 2000. Third on Excite searching for 'Employment Law'

Thank you to those who have taken the trouble to write to me to report these listings. More welcome!

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