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When is our Site Accessed?
Visitors - When do you Call In?

An analysis of traffic on our site shows the following:-

00:00-02:59 7%
03:00-05:59 5%
06:00-08:59 7%
09:00-11:59 16%
12:00-14:59 19%
15:00-17:59 18%
18:00-20:59 15%
21:00-23:59 12%

My reading of this, unsurprisingly, that most of our visitors come to us during UK time-zone office hours - from 09:00 am to 17:00. The visits stay high during evenings, going quiet only during the wee small hours.

This is in part confirmed by looking at the spread over the week. On Saturday we get 22 percent of our visitors. This is as opposed to the 29% we would expect with a simple even distribution. The 78% (as against 71% on an even distribution) who use us during the week climb smoothly from Monday (15%), through Tuesday and Wednesday (17% each), to Thursday on 14% and Friday at 14%.

An uneducated view suggests that a fairly high number still do call in over the weekends, if one were to assume that most people call in from work. Who knows .

Another point is that we are clearly affected by term times, we go down when students go home, and after they finish their exams.

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