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Getting ready to sell

Everybody is different. Rules are made not to be followed, but a fair selection from the following will help you get things movings as soon as possible.

  1. Speak to us.

    The earlier you instruct is, the more we can do. We have gone through this process many hundreds of times, and we now what can be done to get things moving quickly.

  2. Where are your deeds?

    Who is your Lender, and what is your account number? When you buy a house, it has been usual for many years for there to be two packets of deeds. One contains the deeds absolutely essential to the sale, which are held by the lender. The second will contain papers which are of lesser importance, but which often contain useful information. These are usually called 'pre-registration deeds'. Do you have any? If these are with us, with you, or with any previous solicitor, please let us know, so that they can be recovered.

  3. Be realistic about what you will get for the house.

    Estate Agents (though, we are sure none locally, ahem) have been known, when trying to get your business, to exaggerate the price you might get on a sale. You can then waste several months awaiting a purchaser, only then to reduce the price to one you might have got right off.

    You should rely upon the agent's advice, you are paying for it.

  4. A house sells best when it is fresh on the market. Make sure that everything is ready to go before you place it on the market.
  5. Make sure that the approach to the house is as good as it can be

    It should be

    1. Clean and tidy
    2. Fully decorated
    3. The garden or path should be kept up to.
  6. It is highly probable that the first thing anyone will do when they move in will be to re-decorate the house. Nevertheless, it will sell much more easily if you have decorated the house in plain light colours.

Be realistic about what you will get for the house

Is your lender to be repaid in full if not you will need his agreement

Does anyone who may, in any way, have an interest ion the house and wholives there agree to the sale. Have terms been agreed.

Choosing your agent

They are not all the same different basic terms

Do not accept solicitor instructed by them- how independent can he be. We will not enter intoany such arrangement

Empty rooms as far as possible

Get forms of pre-contract enquiry from us and get them filled in ready.

Do not get your property surveyed unless there is clear reason to do so. Your purchaser will not rely upon it.

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