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Our History
Swarbrick & Co

You may have noticed that Swarbrick & Co is no longer around. I passed on that practice to Tighe and Co on January 1 2001. I then joined Wrigley Claydon in Oldham. I am now retired as solicitor.

Swarbrick & Co was been around forever, and so I can still remember how we began and why.

Our firm began as David Swarbrick and Co from offices at 22b Bradford Road, Brighouse on December 1, 1985. The practice was begun almost from scratch. I had two dozen files, of which all but four were already 'expired.' I had previously worked in Brighouse, and started up on my own, because my then partner, Humphrey Lewis, had decided to merge the practice he had started with another. I declined to join the party and so . .

22 Bradford Road is part of a building now owned by West Yorkshire Co-operatives Ltd. The offices had in the distant past been a tailors' cutting rooms. When we moved in, we had to clean the inside of the windows with spirit in order to stick on our lettering. There came up on one of the glass windows the words 'Cutting Room.'

In 1906 the space we later occupied was a private hotel, and pictures of it appear in a booklet of pictures of Brighouse. The George Hotel, opposite has picture of what is known now as George's Corner, and some few details about the site.

The stairway which you came up to get to us, wase a passageway through to the rear. They were built in when the offices were refurbished in about 1983. If that is the case, then I assume that the street number was merely arbitrarily re-assigned.

In December 1997, we moved across the top of the stairs to a larger suite of offices, with (for me), a better view. Nominally, we were then at 22a, rather than 22b - but who is counting.

Between 1989 and 1991, I had a partner, Lynda Allen. Lynda had worked with us through articles, and well earned her place in the firm. She left to move to the prosperous South with her husband.

In January 2000, we ceased to carry out the general run of Legal Aid work. This was a huge change.

April 2000. A major, and no doubt expensive re-furbishment of our building was almost finished. Gone was the Co-op Food Hall, and instead below us was a dress shop - Mackay's, due to open on Easter Saturday.

December 2000. I have, with a sadness I cannot ask you to imagine, had to close Swarbrick & Co as it has existed for the last fifteen years. As always, in any decision there are many elements, and some things pushed me in this direction, and other things pulled. It has happened.

I must say a thank you to the staff who have worked with me for this time, and the clients who have given us their trust. I cannot have asked more of them, and they could not have given more.

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