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Monthly Billing

Once we have done work on your behalf, we now must pay tax on it, even though we may not even have sent you a fee account. Yes I can feel your sympathy from here.

We must now ensure that clients receive fee accounts monthly, or nearly so. Thus we will normally try to send a bill at the beginning of the month for the previous month. This will not always apply. For example, where we have agreed perhaps a fixed figure for work, or some other arrangement, or a matter is not particularly active for that month.

Such bills are known as interim bills, and have a peculiar status in law. They are bills which charge only for the work described on the bill (normally, for example, all work up to and including the 30th of March 2000) or otherwise as described. Further charges may be made on the file for any work not included already in the interim bill. Sometimes the charges on an interim bill will not include

It is possible however in certain circumstances that a further charge (care and conduct) may be charged on the final account which is a percentage of the entire body of work carried out. This would reflect court rules which suggest this as an appropriate way of charging. Where such rules are not in place, we would not and will not make such a charge.

In any event, please be sure to arrange to pay the account as requested. Unless the account is paid, we will cease to carry out any further work on the matter, until the account is fully paid. This was explained in our original client care letter, and would happen without us first necessarily and specifically notifying you. If we do this, a further sum would also be required on account of future charges.

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