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Payment by Instalments

We prefer prompt payment of our bills, but understand that clients may need to pay by instalments. We have no desire to cause difficulties for you, and will always consider, and sometimes agree to an arrangement with you to pay by regular instalments.

By far the best way to deal with the problem is to anticipate it, and to make payment on account of your costs as the matter progresses. This can be by a payment (or regular payments) on account, or we can send regular interim invoices. Please ask if this is what you want. Payment by standing order is also helpful.

Generally, any bill must be cleared within six months, but we prefer an offer which you will be able to maintain. Suggest a level of payments which you will be able to keep up to. If the suggested level is not enough, we may reject it. Where work is continuing, the offer should ensure that, so far as possible, the situation is not getting worse.

Be clear about when payments are to be made. If weekly, say what day of the week, or if monthly, say on what day of the month we should expect to receive payment.

The method of payment should be convenient and agreed. If you wish to pay by Standing Order, then we will provide a form for this purpose. Payments made by post are at your risk. An arrangement is best made if your offer is accompanied by the first instalment.

It is most important to keep to the arrangement once made. Late and missed payments cause us considerable extra work. If you will not be able to make a particular payment please tell us first.

Interest is payable at 8 per cent after 30 days from delivery of our bill. Usually, if a bill is paid in full within two months, we do not charge interest, but if we accept an offer to pay by instalments, we will usually charge interest.

Until our account is paid in full, we retain the right to discontinue the arrangement, and/or to collect our costs through court proceedings, or otherwise as seems necessary. If proceedings are begun, this will increase your costs very substantially. You will then have to pay both the interest and costs. We also reserve the right to retain your file of papers.

If at any point you want an up to date statement of account, please ask.

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