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Solicitors Remuneration Order
Our Bills, Your Rights

Within one month of receiving this bill you may require us to ask the Law Society to state, either that our charges are fair and reasonable, or what lesser sum would be. Where our account has been paid by deduction from any sum held for you, we will still make the application if you ask us within that month. You may also have rights under the Solicitors Act 1974 sections 70, 71 and 72 relating to taxation. These allow you to have our bill checked by the High Court. These rights are sometimes limited by our agreement with you.

Interim Accounts An interim account charges for the work identified in the account. Further accounts may be delivered for work and disbursements not included. If you do not pay an interim account within one month, or less if we so request, we will suspend work on your file. We reserve the right to discontinue acting entirely at our discretion.

We may submit additional accounts where further work is required after the delivery of any account.

Monitoring We try hard, but are not perfect. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the work done on your behalf, we shall be pleased to do so. This will not prejudice any other right you may have. We need your responses to improve our service. Details of our complaints procedure, and of the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors are available on request.

Late Payment of Accounts and Interest We charge interest at 8% on unpaid accounts from one month after delivery. If you ask to pay by instalments, we will normally charge interest on unpaid balances.

Your Papers The file of papers for this matter belongs in part to you. We will retain it until our account is paid, but you may then collect the papers which are yours. We may make a charge for re-printing any electronic files. After six years from the date of this account, we will destroy the file without reference back to you. We may make a reasonable charge for storage of your file after one year from the date of this bill.

ConfidentialityThis account is open to inspection, and for your confidentiality, we keep the narrative description of the work done on your behalf to a minimum. A full description including a copy of our time records, can be provided on request.

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