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Do You Need a Will?

Do you need to make a will? Usually, your estate can be sorted out more smoothly after your death if you have made one, but not everyone needs a will. What you should ask is 'What happens if I die without a will?' The word 'intestacy' sounds awful. It is what happens if you die without having made a will. It is usually best avoided.

If what would happen on intestacy is what you would want anyway, then you do not strictly need to make a will. We can advise you on this.

There are certain 'conditions' which suggest that it is particularly advisable to make a will. Among the usual ones are:

  1. You have young children or dependants
  2. You have your own business
  3. You are living with someone, but are not married to them.
  4. You have married a second time
  5. You are divorced or have split up from your spouse.
  6. You want to leave specific gifts to someone.
  7. You want to benefit a charity.
  8. Your assets on death including benefits under life policies etc. exceed 200,000

If any of these applies, then you should normally make a will. There are other circumstances which also suggest the need for a will.

It always, costs us more to advise you and to prepare the will than we charge to you. Where the will becomes more complicated, we might have to charge more, but we will not do this without warning you first. In any event the cost is only small next to the potential costs of getting it wrong. Please ask for a note of our charges for standard wills.

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