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Living Wills

Many of us are concerned that we might find ourselves having suffered some cataclysmic accident, or disease, and that the quality of our life is then so much reduced that, we would not wish to receive treatment of a particular type or even, perhaps, to continue treatment at all. That same event may leave us unable to state our wishes clearly or firmly enough. Equally, individuals may feel the reverse, that, whatever has happened to us, a doctor should know that we wish to be given whatever chances of life remain open to us.

One possibility is that now, whilst in good health, with a clear mind, and without the influence of anyone else, you can prepare and sign a document which would do something, whatever can in law be done, to help you express this wish, and preserve your dignity. These documents are called 'Living Wills', or 'Advance Directives', and try to ensure that, by stating your views clearly enough, those views will be respected, and acted upon, by those caring for you.

These wishes could range from financial arrangements of various sorts, through to instructions to a doctor not to provide certain sorts of treatment, or to indicate that you do not consent to other forms of treatment.

There are published simple living wills, but it seems to us that these matters are so much a matter of individual preference, and the law is constantly moving on, that it can be dangerous to rely upon such documents, and that clients may sensibly prefer a document which more closely fits their own views.

The potential effectiveness of such a document is now better recognised in law in this country. We can prepare such a document on your behalf. Please contact us if you wish to consider preparation of such a document.

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