Professional Negligence - 1930- 1959

Professional Negligence Law. See also under other headings for professional groups Legal professions and Health Professions.

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This page lists 9 cases, and was prepared on 19 May 2014. These case are being transferred one by one to the main site which presents them better, with links to full text where we have it, and much improved cross referencing.
Groom -v- Crocker; 1939
Candler -v- Crane Christmas & Co; CA 15-Dec-1950
Cassidy -v- Ministry of Health; CA 1951
Otter -v- Church Adams Tatham & Co; ChD 1953
Roe -v- Minister of Health; CA 08-Apr-1954
Hunter -v- Hanley; 1955
Simmons -v- Pennington & Son; CA 1955
Goody -v- Baring; CA 1956
Bolam -v- Friern Hospital Management Committee; QBD 1957